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Ignite the virtuous cycle of education

What would a learning environment look like if every kid stepped into school with sparkling eyes, eager to learn and with the ability to focus and absorb information?

Passionate learnersHave you had such a child in your class? Did it make your teaching easier? I bet it did and I believe there is a way for the rest of your students to join as well in the future.

Engagement from parents is the key to a child’s upbringing and we have the knowledge on what parents should do to raise their child with the appropriate skill to absorb education. How can we then, in the best way, get this information to the parents so that they can prepare their kids to be passionate learners before they step into school for the first time?

It is somewhat difficult to teach parents how they should raise their children. First, you need the parents to volunteer for parenting classes. But even if they do, a lot of parents are carrying too much load to be able to change their ways.

It is not easy for an 18-year old single mom in parenting class, if she lacks the ability to focus on learning, to absorb information, and later on practice how to raise her child to become a passionate learner at the age of six.

Therefore, we need to pass this information on to the parents earlier than that and also make sure that it reaches all parents before they get their first child. You are right, the only institution we have for this is school.

Parenting in the curriculum
If we can get every 16-year old person in the nation to understand that becoming a parent means an obligation to raise a child to become a passionate learner, with the knowledge of how to do it, imagine what that can do to a future society.

Teaching will be driven by the children’s curiosity and passion for learning, guided by teachers to lead them onto the right tracks. This will stimulate personalized learning and give each student better options for their future.

Without any deeper analysis, I estimate that a focused passionate learner in a daily environment with mainly equals can easily absorb 12 years of regular education in 9 years. This means that we in our K-12 can add 3 more years of knowledge in a stimulating environment.

By prioritizing parenting, focused on the raising of passionate learners as main knowledge in our K-12 curriculum (not necessarily as a separate subject), we ignite a virtuous cycle which will empower a population, be easy to pass along, and generate even better results for every generation to come.

You can compare math scores with other countries as much as you like and discuss if new technology is the future of education, but the first nation to embrace the virtuous cycle of raising passionate learners will take a giant leap ahead of others and produce a very well educated population.

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